Integra Arcticweiss Griff Schwarz
Kitchen ideas

A straight-forward kitchen plan - with a corner

If you have space, you should use it! This kitchen idea does everything just right. Its open floor plan and clear colour division into top and bottom units is consistent and minimalist.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Integra Arcticweiss Griff Schwarz

Open floor plan

This plan lets you design an open-plan kitchen with plenty of space. The living or dining room – or maybe even both – can be directly adjacent!

Integra Arcticweiss Griff Schwarz

A black recessed handle insert

Even on their own, recessed handles are an elegant alternative to handles attached on the outside. But there’s another neat feature: The black insert

Integra Arcticweiss Griff Schwarz

Elegant black for recessed handles

The black colour of the glass case shelves is repeated in a subtle fashion in the recessed handles. This design breaks up the strict separation of top and bottom units in a clever way.