Best Place to learn

Best perspectives for the future of our youth

The coming generation can look forward to a wide range of professional perspectives. However, these youngsters can only secure their strengths for their professional future with exciting fields of activity, by accepting responsibility early on, and specifically developing their individual skills.

Nolte Küchen has had a particular responsibility in this field for many years, and is firmly committed to youth development. With a broad range of initial and further training programmes in commercial and vocational skills, including dual studies and jobs for working students, Nolte currently provides 40 young adults with a wide range of perspectives for embarking on their professional lives. Because as a medium-sized company, we also have a responsibility to train and encourage the next generation as good as we can.

The company has now received the quality seal "BEST PLACE TO LEARN". This makes Nolte Küchen one of around 100 companies in Germany to have received this independent quality check in youth development.

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