Employees at Nolte Kitchens

Joining the TOP 1 % of employers - Nolte Küchen becomes “Leading Employer”

Löhne, 14 January 2021. The new year is off to a great start: In January, Nolte Küchen was awarded the seal of quality “Leading Employer Germany”. This means the family business is now among the TOP 1 % of employers among 100,000 businesses whose data was evaluated in a large-scale study by an independent body. The meta-analysis performed by the Institute of Research & Data Aggregation takes into account over 200 different sources, making this study uniquely significant.

The aim of Leading Employers is to provide greater clarity and improved orientation in the job market with the aid of a reliable, sound evaluation of employer qualities. The extensive data analysis is based on a wide variety of sources, topics and feedback. Economic and scientific experts help evaluate the results.

Accordingly, the management of Nolte Küchen considers this award a sum of many parts: This seal of quality represents more than just a small excerpt of the company’s work, but takes a variety of different perspectives into account. That is what makes it so special. It honours the company’s efforts to keep standards high in all areas and confirms the quality of its training and professional development, health management and company pension scheme. Moreover, the award takes into account factors such as corporate values, environmental awareness, brand image, economic and innovative strength and social engagement and recognises these as a result of team work.

Thanks to this integrated approach, the “Leading Employer” certificate provides an objective, realistic image of the company. Only 1 % of employers in the study receive the award, i.e. those with above-averagely good results in all categories.

For further information on Leading Employees and the methodology of the study, visit www.leading-employers.org/de