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Nolte Küchen welcomes the newbies

The 13 trainees who are starting at Nolte Küchen today have made a good choice. They have applied to a company that is not only known for its commitment to youth development, but has also been certified for it by an independent organisation. Nolte Küchen has been a BEST PLACE TO LEARN® since the middle of the year, and thus officially a top training company. Focus Money also recommends the furniture manufacturer as a company with the best job opportunities. The youngsters are given a basic level of knowledge during an introductory week. They then head for one of five professions.

Five ladies and eight gentlemen met the CEOs Eckhard Wefing and Marc Hogrebe during the ceremony today that, as always, marks the official start of the new training year. Two of the new arrivals are completing a dual course of study in Melle for the Bachelor of Engineering in the field of wood and furniture technology, and one is completing the Bachelor of Science in field while working as a business data processing specialist. This time there are also four industrial management assistants, five aspiring wood mechanics and one industry mechanic.

During the ceremony, Eckhard Wefing looked at the excited faces and promised, "In Nolte Küchen, you have joined a training company that will help you to develop your individual skills and preferences. Share your commitment, endurance and conscientiousness with us, and be part of a motivated team. And then you will find that all the doors in the company are open to you."

That Nolte Küchen offers the best professional opportunities is confirmed not only by the eponymous award from Focus Money that is based on ratings by employees on the platform kununu, but also on the regularity with which the company takes on former trainees as full employees. Orientation for the next generation is also provided by the quality seal BEST PLACE TO LEARN®, which Nolte Küchen received in spring 2019. This certifies that an independent audit of the company rates the company as providing a solid, contemporary base for their professional development. Both awards confirm that Nolte Küchen provides the right inspiration. The company is also highly motivated to continue its commitment to youth development.

As general preparation for daily working life, Nolte Küchen includes an introductory week that provides a basic knowledge on every aspect of the new place of work. The topic of the kitchen and the particular requirements of furniture production play a key role. Other focuses are the fields of technology, safety and health.

In 2020, Nolte Küchen will again offer a wide range of training positions in various professions as well as the opportunity for a dual course of studies. Interested parties will already find further information on our careers page.

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