Asian living

In recent decades, the largest and most highly populated continent on earth has experienced a major shift to modernization. Forerunner is the new superpower China but also India and the so called Tiger-states have been developed rapidly. Regarding architecture these countries have completed a quantum jump. A multitude of booming cities with state of the art infrastructure and spectacular skyscrapers have been established. Due to the population’s mentality to prefer the new instead of the old whole neighborhoods have been demolished and newly established.

Imperial Seal Ya Lin - Peking

420 putistic kitchens

Clear lines with no fuss in a puristic black-and-white, real lacquer in high-gloss Arctic white: a kitchen that fulfils all the design requirements of the user in every respect. The visiblay exclusive manufacture further underscores this impression.

Park 1872 - Peking

251 kitchen miracles

Making the perfect use of the room: the perfectly-designed kitchen. There is plenty of storage space in the compact area, while two can share an early-morning coffee at the fold-down table. The light colours give the room a friendly character and make it appear bigger. And the ergonomics have been thought of too, with the eye-level oven.

Quiantang Impression - Hangzhou

424 clever planned kitchens

Designed to save space, with maximum storage and timelessly elegant design. These requirements were met by clever kitchen planning with fronts from the TREND LACK range.

Huajiachi - Hangzhou

996 timeless kitchens

Generously planned for the perfect workflow: lots of space for preparing, cooking and washing up. The lavishly dimensioned storage options complement the available space for cooking with the whole family.