Dealer Login


All the information you need for your day to day work is just one click away here:

The dealer login has order details, delivery schedules, lead times and much more. Nolte Küchen will also facilitate sales by providing images and brochures, which you can download here whenever you want.

If you are already registered with our media database you will be able to use the same user name and password for the new dealer login once your account has been activated.

If you haven't yet registered with the media data base please do so via this link. We will then activate your account within a short period of time and send you a confirmation email.

When registering please make sure you tick the box "Access to dealer login" and provide your customer ID.

Further information on registration and use of the dealer login can be found on the media data base in the category "Instructions Media Data Base/Dealer Login".

Click here to get to your dealer login.