Individuality and Community

Freedom of choice – the mega trend of the 21st century. Self-determined, autonomous action, pushing aside the old standards and rules, is the top priority. Standard products and uniform looks give way to one-off s and individualized products. People want to decide for themselves how their purchase will look and they want to be able to choose from a number of attractive options.

The demand for individuality is high, and it is being satisfi ed. From cars to sports footwear, chocolate, stamps or breakfast cereal, more and more products bear a personal stamp, through personalisation or individualisation. Even in the case of television, with video on demand it is now possible to decide exactly which fi lm will be shown.

Although the emphasis is very much on “I“, there is also a desire for “we“. People want to experience closeness and the sense of belonging. Digital friends are not enough. Communication has to be face to face. In the family circle or among friends. Individualists need the community and social contacts. Today, “I“ and “we“ are no longer opposites, but complement each other perfectly.

Breadth is what counts

In the home, too, off -the-shelf solutions are no longer an option. The culture of choice is particularly prevalent in the home sector. Ready-made standard looks? That was yesterday. Today, the demand is for individual pieces of furniture and a unique interior style - as an expression of individual personality. That means sizes, colours and functions of furniture items must be available in sufficient variety. An individual piece of furniture is thus now offered in a wealth of versions never before seen. That's something that's important to people: when putting together their interior they want to enjoy creativity and give their home style a personal touch.

Breadth is what counts

Anyone who can draw on a broad stock of products and options can put a bit of themselves into their kitchen planning. Classical, fanciful, modern - there should be plenty of design freedom, for small rooms especially

The kitchen as a place of communication

The best parties were always in the kitchen! The kitchen is very obviously the communications hub of the home. A place for meeting and talking. A place where individualists can satisfy their need for communication and human closeness in a relaxed and very enjoyable atmosphere. The open-plan kitchen, where kitchen and living space blend into each other, is the perfect answer to the mega trend for individuality and community. On the one hand, an open kitchen area can be individually designed according to one's personal wishes and on the other hand, its openness facilitates communication. Anyone cooking in an open-plan kitchen can follow the group conversation at the same time. This is achieved particularly stylishly and consistently with the neo concept by Nolte, with the cosy sense of being in a city loft, cosy chalet or an elegant drawing room.

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