My need for storage space

In a Nolte kitchen, every inch provides space for your life. Because there's never enough storage space. But there are intelligent solutions that make optimum use of the space that's available in your kitchen. Simply think about all the things you need to store and how you want to get to them.

Checklist - My need for storage space

  • How do you normally do your shopping?
  • Is any additional storage space available?
  • Which kitchen appliances do you need to keep on the worktop or store in a cupboard?

The storage wizards in your Nolte kitchen










The right interior organisation for your drawers and pull-outs makes sure that no space is wasted and lets you keep everything you want to in your base units.











Better view, less disorder: the interior lighting perfectly presents           Opening our extra deep pull-outs produces a real 'wow' effect: the
everything inside the spacious drawers and pull-outs.                          75 cm planning depth gives you an impressive 32 % more storage
















The pull-out larder unit provides a huge amount of storage space.         Perfect use is made of corners too - with the "Le Mans" corner
And everything in instantly to hand - from both sides.                          base unit, for example.

Tips from TV-interior designer Eva Brenner - Clever detail solutions

PremiumLINE - The top-class drawer system

              PremiumLINE                                                    PremiumLINE Box                                          PremiumLINE Glas

The Nolte Küchen PremiumLINE drawer and pull-out system impresses right across the board: the designer-style drawer side profile in stainless steel look harmonises perfectly with the drawer base in quartz grey. With PremiumLINE Box, the high-quality basic configuration gives you even more storage space thanks to the closed side profiles. The range-topping PremiumLINE Glas option combines more space with the best possible view of everything inside through the glass side panel.

Tips from TV-interior designer Eva Brenner - Tidiness in the kitchen

Additional storage with Matrix 900














Providing a carcase height of 900 mm, Matrix900 gives modern kitchens a whole new look - based on the exclusive Nolte Matrix150 grid size. Besides, with a carcase height of 900 mm, Matrix900 provides an incredible 20 % more storage space than the standard 750 mm height. This makes even better use of every corner and you always have everything at your fingertips.