neo loft

So tolerant and free.

So diverse and creative.


Sometimes, 24 hours aren't enough. Because there's simply too much to discover. Although we have never actually arrived at this "too much". And if the whole town is our playground, our neo loft kitchen is our anchorage. Where we recharge our batteries. Make plans. Develop ideas. Because it is us who shape life in town. Every day anew.


Great prospects.


This is where I can live every moment in just the way I want to.
Eating around the clock and around the whole globe. The best locations and the most creative business partners on the doorstep.
My loft floats above it all. And I am right in the middle of it.
In my kitchen that knows no compromise.

neo loft style

In loft style, neo conjures a home environment that's designed for an open, urban lifestyle - featuring progressive graffiti prints and stainless steel look with an industrial feel.

neo loft Graphic Print cooking island
neo loft Waterzone sink module
neo loft Oven Unit appliance housing


My perfect new start.


Next year I'm going to Berlin! Until then, I'll carry
on breathing a little Berlin air in my apartment.
With a neo Loft module, for example. Because
my kitchen has just as much character as I do.

Neo Loft Modules

Different surfaces and styles can be combined individually, even with elements from other Nolte series. 
This is where a high-gloss surface meets striking used style.

neo loft kitchen island Used Print
Nolte front Lux high-gloss arctic white