neo salon

So special and fascinating.

So stylish and exciting.


We don't love precious stones because they are valuable.
But because they bring splendour to our life. Forever revealing new details of their beauty.

neo salon is just this type of jewel too – unique, aesthetic,
appealing to all the senses. A sight that exhilarates us every
day. Because life is too short to spend it in other kitchens.


Living the unlimited.


Where does art begin? And where does it end? For me, the question is just as hard to answer as defining the boundaries between classic and avantgarde, between living at home and communicating, between space and time. Only one thing is clear: I like to show many facets.

neo salon style

The salon style presents the kitchen as a modern lounge. Mirror elements, glass and cubic 3D patterns create an inspiring surface for filling with personal ideas, leaving the options open for almost any combination.

neo salon cooking and sink island Mirror Island
neo salon Cabinet larder unit


Love of detail.


Fascination is not a matter of quantity. Just one special
element can transform a whole room.
Featuring the neo salon kitchen island as a standalone
element, my kitchen revels in its very own facets too.

neo salon modules

Neo highlights for a lounge atmosphere with character.
Versatile all-rounder - the mirrored kitchen island from the Salon line is both focal point and eye-catcher in any open kitchen. The soft mat front in quartz grey provides a balanced and elegant frame. 

neo salon Mirror Island with hob
Nolte front Feel in quartz grey soft mat