Nolte is Germany’s most popular kitchen brand

Löhne, January 2015. Nolte Kitchens is Germany’s most popular kitchen brand. This is the result of a survey by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), which was published on 20th January and carried out for TV channel n-tv. 1,252 owners of branded kitchens took part in this open survey, which was carried out between 7 October and 9 December 2014 via an online panel. Assessed was satisfaction with the brand chosen via looking at product quality, range, prices, warranty/guarantee as well as image. Nolte Kitchens scored an overall “good”. Alma and Poggenpohl became second and third respectively.

A brand had to be mentioned at least 80 times to be named in the survey. This way, eleven manufacturers were listed, the rest came in under “others”. In alphabetical order, these were: Alma, Alno, Bulthaup, Häcker, Ikea, Impuls, Nobilia, Nolte, Poggenpohl, Schmidt and Schüller. Nolte Küchen was mentioned by 88 interviewees - more often than competitors Nobilia and Häcker, who received 80 and 81 votes respectively.
Nolte Kitchens was most successful with regards to product range (91 per cent positive ratings) and quality of materials – a partial aspect of product quality (89 per cent). With regards to product quality as a whole, Nolte Kitchens came third behind Poggenpohl and Alma. But: About 49 per cent of all people questioned indicated they were “very happy” with this aspect – meaning that Nolte got the most votes in this highest possible rating. Also in terms of image, Nolte scored top results. With regards to sympathy and  product quality Nolte Kitchens again took the most highest ranking.
Nolte Kitchens’ CEO Andreas Kuipers was delighted with the results: “To have come first in this survey makes us proud, of course. Our sincere thanks goes to all the customers who have passed the vote of confidence through participating. The result shows that our effort to excel in quality, service and variety is being recognised. It also confirms that we are on the right track with “New Nolte” and differentiating into three product lines.”
Almost 98 per cent of the participants would buy their next kitchen from the same brand. Nolte Kitchens even reached 100 per cent here.

Detailed results from Nolte Kitchens’ point of view at a glance:

  • Product quality: 3rd place, “very good”,
  • highest score in the “very happy” section of votes (48.9 per cent)
  • design*: 2nd place, “very good“
  • Quality of materials*: 1st place, “very good”
  • Functionality*: 5th place, “very good”
  • Prices: 6th place, „good“
  • Product range: 1st place, “very good”, second highest score within the “very happy” votes (40.9 per cent)
  • Warranty: 2nd place, “very good”
  • guarantee: highest score within “very happy” (53.4 per cent)                 
  • Image: 4th place, “good”

(* aspects within main criterion “product quality”)

Source: Institute for Service Quality (Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität - DISQ) at the behest of n-tv.