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Kitchen ideas

A special combination kitchen/living room

Display cabinets and handles in manganese bronze, a worktop with a vivid design and genuine wood drawers make the base colour of this kitchen – graphite – look truly grand. By the way: The FRAME LACK front is actually an example of modern country style. That history is what creates the exceptional cosiness of this kitchen.

Reasons to love this planning example:

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Three layers to make your dreams come true

Kitchen appliances installed at eye level form the centre layer of this block. While the bottom layer has a classic design, the top features modern, open shelves. And there is yet another eye-catching element: open genuine wood drawers.

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Open-ended for quick access

Placing an open shelf unit at the end of the island brings a touch of lightness to the design. It also keeps pots and pans ready to hand.

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Light and style

Illuminated display cabinets in the exclusive manganese bronze design exude quality and spread warm light.