The way to your dream kitchen

1. Check list

What suits your personal lifestyle, and what is your current life situation? You'll find some instructions here that will help you to prepare a detailed profile of what you would like your kitchen to be like.


2. Measuring your kitchen

Measure the height of the room and the distance between the walls. Also measure the height and width of the doors (including the stop), windows (including sill), the distance to the floor, the ceiling and the edges of the walls. Then note the positions of the radiators, pipes, sockets, switches and drains, as well as the diameter of the air outlet for the extractor.


3. The layout

Now enter these measurements and any constructional specifications you have measured in the online kitchen planner. Select a room shape, and then create the room individually, in colours and materials that are to your taste.

Floor plan

4. The planning

Now it's time to furnish it! Choose from our various front programmes, colours, materials, handles etc., and proceed to create your dream kitchen step by step. Tip: To retrieve your individual kitchen plan at any time and edit it, all you have to do is register.


5. Finalise planning

Finished: When you have finished your kitchen plan, you can have it emailed to you as a PDF file. The kitchen plan can also be sent to your personal Nolte Küchen retail partner, who will then contact you to make an appointment for a consultation.

6. Appointment with your retail partner

During the appointment with your Nolte Küchen retail partner, a kitchen expert will advise you in person, work out the kitchen plan and prepare a quotation.


7. Fitting the kitchen

After an in-depth consultation and once your kitchen has been ordered, it will be assembled and installed in your home by qualified fitters.


Tips for planning your kitchen


Whether a customised family kitchen with a corner solution or a modular kitchen for one that will remain flexible even if you move, your Nolte kitchen will adapt to your current living conditions.


A riot colour or understated? Classic or luxurious? Matt or high gloss? With open shelf units or display cabinets? Nolte Küchen gives you a tremendous range of options. Combine them to suit your personal taste.

Original or reproduction

No matter what your budget is and what material you choose: the look and practicality of your Nolte kitchen will always meet the highest quality standards. Whether wood, lacquer, glass, metal or cement, every original material is available as a reproduction that looks just like the real thing.

Size and shape

What shape of kitchen would you like? It depends on the size of the room as well as on your personal taste. But whether you have a small or large amount of space – with Nolte Küchen you will always find the right solution.

Storage space

Thanks to clever storage solutions, full use is made of every centimetre in a Nolte kitchen - because that's something you can never have enough of.

Drawers and interior organisation

The Nolte Küchen PremiumLINE drawer and pull-out system impresses right across the board: whether the designer-style drawer side profile in stainless steel look, the exclusive basic version PremiumLINE Box with closed side frames or the top version PremiumLINE Glass with a glass frame on the side. And thanks to the matching interior organisation, full use is made of every centimetre.


An individual lighting concept for your kitchen creates atmosphere, adds accents and provides a pleasant feeling of comfort at the touch of a button. The lighting in your kitchen can quickly and easily be adjusted to the mood and time of day by remote control or app - thanks to the latest LED technology.

Ergonomics and work triangle

Anyone spending a lot of time in the kitchen needs the optimum conditions to work in. Today it is possible to have many of the appliances installed ergonomically at eye level, and the traffic flow can also be planned sensibly. This is where it is always a matter of striking the perfect balance between design and practical functionality.
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