From mystical forests to picturesque lakes and pristine mountain ranges, our natural world offers the most beautiful colors and impressive textures, which are an endless source of information and have had a special influence on our new products.

Our Innovations 2023

This year, everything at Nolte is focused on the most innovative product in the world: nature.
From mystical forests and picturesque lakes to primordial mountain ranges, our natural environment offers the loveliest of colours and impressive textures that provide an endless source of information and have notably influenced our product innovations.

To protect our unique natural environment long-term, we as a company are also called upon to help use our planet's resources in a more sustainable way. Learn more about Nolte's commitment to sustainability here.

Enjoy discovering our innovations!

Nolte Küchen - Inspiriert von beeindruckenden Farben


Natural tones make up this color world. Inspired by meadows, forests and plant worlds, "Black Green" is reminiscent of impressive models from nature.

Elegance by nature


The aesthetic nuances of the color green look very harmonious and are also timeless and unobtrusive. They are especially suitable in combination with wood decors.


The new trend color Black Green brings even more naturalness into your home. Here, green tones are reinventing themselves and experiencing a renaissance - in Black Green, the MANHATTAN UNI becomes a real eye-catcher. But the color Black Green also gives the combination of FRAME & SOFT LACK fronts a timeless and natural look.

Discover the MANHATTAN UNI as well as the combination of FRAME LACK & SOFT LACK in the new color Black Green and many more inspiring kitchen ideas and planning examples.

Nolte Küchen - Inspiriert von einzigartigen Elementen


Natural spectacles provide impressive templates for the creation of a new world of color. Deserts, mountains and volcanoes are models that have influenced the development of the color shade Lava.

Naturally harmonious

With the PLUS program in the Lava soft matt color, you bring both timeless and modern colors and fronts to your kitchen. The fronts can be perfectly combined with wood decors, shown here with oak graphite silver. And thanks to the insensitive, easy-care anti-fingerprint surface, marks on the front are almost invisible.


The PLUS in the color lava looks homely and inviting. Turn your kitchen into a meeting place for convivial evenings among friends, where people laugh, chat and play. Experience unforgettable moments in and with your new kitchen!

Discover the Lava soft mat color inspired by unique elements for the PLUS front, as well as other exciting kitchen ideas and planning examples.


Did you already know? The colors Black Green and Lava are part of our coordinated matt lacquer concept consisting of a total of 18 colors and 5 fronts. Thus, the shades are sure to be available in your style. 

Mat Laquer concept 2023
Nolte Küchen - Inspiriert von faszinierenden Oberflächen


Reflective elements from nature provide the ideas for the development of this front. Smooth surfaces, subtle colors and glass elements are associated with the new FINE LACK.

Open and bright

The FINE LACK in Arctic White high gloss allows you to plan open and bright. The continuous elegance of the fronts was interrupted here by vertical and horizontal ambient lighting.


In this kitchen, the kitchen counter and storage cabinets were planned along the walls to save a lot of space. This creates more space for a large dining area or for the offspring to play and romp around. The core beech decor, which is found in both the niche cladding and the individually designed shelving, provides even more comfort.

Discover the new FINE LACK front program in Arctic White and many other inspiring kitchen ideas and planning examples.

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