Nolte Küchen Chalet 2
Kitchen ideas

Cosiness in your kitchen

Welcome to your feel-good oasis. Warm timbers, high-quality materials: If you value cosiness and yet need a space that is suitable for everyday use, this kitchen from the nolte neo CHALET series is your perfect choice.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Nolte Küchen Chalet 2

Absolutely eye-catching

The open shelf units with a light wood decor create a beautiful contrast to the dark fronts with Rough Cut finishes.

Nolte Küchen Chalet 2

Matching from every side

The speciality of this cooking island: Because the side cladding also features the typical Rough Cut finish, everything appears to be from the same mould.

Nolte Küchen Chalet 2

A great ending

Open shelf units have been integrated into the side cladding of the larder unit, creating a flowing transition into the living area.