neoLODGE - Eiche Diamant, gerillt
Kitchen ideas

Stylish and modern

Minimalists who appreciate clean lines and understated aesthetics will certainly love this combination. "Diamond oak" and GLASS TEC SATIN in white create a timeless and elegant kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. With this additional choice, NeoLODGE once again sets new standards for modern kitchen design.

Reasons to love this planning example:

neoLODGE - Eiche Diamant, gerillt

Try something different

Combining the glass worktop with the light-coloured Diamond oak front. An interesting mix of materials!

neoLODGE - Eiche Diamant, gerillt

Details in the corners

Carefully designed corners give this kitchen a cosy flair.

neoLODGE - Eiche Diamant, gerillt

This makes it really cosy

Light elements, such as shelves and sideboards, invite you to relax in a cosy atmosphere.

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