Nolteneo - neoLODGE
Kitchen ideas

Italian aesthetic

Feel good in exclusive style. The neoLODGE front exudes Italian aesthetic in a way that's second to none. The combination of sleek lines with classy colours and materials is complemented by intelligent detail solutions such as side-fitted ovens or the elegant display units in manganese bronze.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Nolteneo - neoLODGE

MatrixArt ONE

MatrixArt ONE is the design-focused, handleless kitchen: just one single handle trim profile below the worktop – which, of course, can be illuminated too, creates a par ticularly neat and graphic look. The top-most front is opened by the handle trim profile, the ones below by the PUSH-TO-OPEN assisted opening function.

Nolteneo - neoLODGE

neoLODGE front

Clean lines brimming with character – neoLODGE in grooved, blackened oak veneer brings aesthetic appeal to ever y space.

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