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Kitchen ideas

Open kitchen corner for budding cook-aholics

Work and home furnishings in the same shade of wood as the worktop in the kitchen? Works well - harmonious and uniform. This idea has a number of tricks up its sleeve for perfect working in the popular corner kitchen, such as plinth drawers, a corner carousel and open shelf units to the living room.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Soft Lack

Bid goodbye to unused space

A corner carousel allows you to make use of spaces in U and L-shaped kitchens.

Soft Lack

Storage space in the plinth

A plinth drawer offers plenty of space for all the things you don't need every day.

Soft Lack

Light in and under the cabinets

With under-shelf lighting, you can illuminate both the worktop and the inside of the cabinet.

Soft Lack

Moving into the living and working area

Matching furniture in the same decor as the worktop and cabinets creates a harmonious look from room to room.

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