Windsor Lack
Kitchen ideas

Modern country kitchen that is open to the living room

The best of the country house, in the design and style of today: open shelves, slatted elements and a flowing transition to the living room are the key features of this design. Cleverly planned electrical appliances and other details complete this kitchen. Look and imitate!

Reasons to love this planning example:

Windsor Lack

Relaxed at the end

The end shelf unit relaxes the array of all wall units. Seasonings, oils, towels: everything is within easy reach.

Windsor Lack

For genuine country air

No country kitchen should be without display units with slatted elements.

Windsor Lack

Harmony thanks to the matching living-room furniture

Use the same front in the neighbouring living-room as in the kitchen - just in a different colour. This is how style goes!

Windsor Lack

Everything within easy reach at the hob

There is plenty of space right under the hob for all the things you need quickly. And thanks to the right arrangement, the contents of the drawer are in perfect order.

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