Nolteneo - neoLEAF neoPURE
Kitchen ideas

Inventing Purism

Reduced look as the epitomy of elegance. Featured all round, the shadow reveal forms a frame around the high-quality neoLEAF in noce marone, painting a picture that simply charms. Contrasting, the two tall units with neoPURE front in metal bronze rise out above the kitchen block as the peaks of a mountain range, complementing this kitchen's unadulterated aesthetic appeal.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Nolteneo - neoLEAF neoPURE


MatrixZERO perfectly complements the new shadow reveal. In conjunction with the neoBOX, PUSH-TO-OPEN for drawers and pull-outs gives you yet a further option for designing your handleless kitchen.

Nolteneo - neoLEAF neoPURE

Shadow reveal

New, graphic, dif ferent – the 12 mm shadow reveal between front and side panel creates a completely new contour that adds a stylish designer element to every kitchen.

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