FINE LACK - Weiß Hochglanz
Kitchen ideas

Ventura oak, a warm wood tone that makes you feel good

In this design, we combined ARTWOOD in Ventura oak décor with FINE LACK white high-gloss. The result is a kitchen that brings together the best of two worlds: the warmth and rustic charm of Ventura oak and the timeless elegance of high-gloss white.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Fine Lack - Weiß Hochglanz

Time for a coffee break!

The counter element is the ideal place for a "quick coffee break".

Fine Lack - Hoch Glanz

Storage and decoration space at the same time

Open shelves create storage space and offer room for decoration.

Fine Lack - Weiss Hochglanz

Natural and harmonious

Clean, natural accessories combine harmoniously with the authentic ARTWOOD Ventura oak.

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