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Utility room or living area? A dream of style, functionality, and coziness

Welcome to the world of Ana Johnson, an influencer who impresses not only with her diverse presence on social media but also with her sense of style, functionality, and coziness in her own home. Known for her vibrant insights into family life, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, and DIY projects, Ana takes us on a very special journey this time: the redesign of her utility room - a heart project made by Nolte Kitchens.

Where did the idea to set up a utility room come from?

In my first apartment, such a room was already integrated. Since then, I know how practical it is to do housework here. However, this room was not beautiful, which should change when planning our house. This is where Nolte Kitchens came in as a reliable partner. Together, we planned a utility room that is very well thought out and looks so good that it feels like a living area.

What inspired you in the design?

During the tour of the Nolte Forum, we were allowed to discover the entire range of Nolte Kitchens and were inspired. The many different fronts and decors overwhelmed us, and we could hardly decide because the selection was so huge. Finally, the final idea emerged from these great impressions.

What was most important to you in the planning process?

When you think of a utility room, you usually have a dark, cold room in mind, often found in the basement. The new space should therefore be bright, friendly, and cozy. Because household chores can't be avoided and should therefore be done in a place where you enjoy spending time.

What were your "must-haves" that absolutely couldn't be missing?

Having enough storage space was very important to me. Especially with household chores, you have many utensils that need to be stored practically. There also needs to be enough space for laundry, ideally shoes and bedding can also be stored in the utility room in the best case. Furthermore, we would like to store our groceries here in the future. For all of this, enough cabinets, drawers, and shelves were installed to store everything well and create a cohesive, aesthetic overall picture.

What appliances should be included in your utility room?

Two washing machines and two dryers were already available in advance and should be integrated. Nolte recommended installing these at body height so that you don't have to bend over so often. A good and practical tip that makes our work on the weekly laundry days easier.

What details are your highlights?

I find the laundry sorting cabinets with integrated baskets very well thought out. It's simply practical to store the different types of laundry in different drawers. This way, everything is in the right place right away and you don't have to reorganize everything in front of the washing machine. I'm also excited that particular emphasis was placed on sophisticated details in the planning. For example, the pipes were hidden behind a narrow cabinet, which further enhances the overall impression of the room.

What do you particularly like about the entire concept?

Overall, the Nolte team did a really great job. We communicated our wishes and even the first draft was so perfect that we adopted it exactly as it was. From brainstorming to planning to installation, Nolte implemented our passion project brilliantly, and we are absolutely thrilled!

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