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A journey from house building to dream kitchen

In our Homestory of the Month for April, Tugba from @tugbaxxhome shares her inspiring journey from building a house to creating a dream kitchen. Read why she chose a Nolte kitchen and how its simple, modern design reflects her personality and family life. Learn more about her decorating tips, the importance of kitchen lighting, and the practical layout of her kitchen space.

You are active on Instagram with 10,000 followers. What makes you and your account special? Who are you and what do you show us there?

My name is Tugba and I run the page @tugbaxxhome on Instagram. Since 2021, I have been documenting our house building project there, from the demolition of the old building to the completion of our new house. Currently, I share how I have furnished and decorated our house.

Tell us more about your house building. How did you come to build a house?

My husband and I previously lived in a two-room apartment and dreamed of owning a home. Although we initially had little savings and were new to our careers, we did not give up. We eventually found the path to success, even though it took years. We even distributed flyers to find a suitable property. By the time we moved out, we were a family of four: my husband (36), myself (32), our daughter (4), and our son (1).

Was the construction exhausting or without major complications?

The construction was very exhausting. Although we built turnkey and hired a construction expert, there were always problems. We often had to visit the construction site to ensure there were no hidden costs.

Are you completely finished with your house or is there still a lot to be done?

When we moved in at the end of last year, our kitchen was not yet there, and the walls still needed painting. Now, after five months, most of it is done, but some furniture is still missing. Currently, we have planned the exterior and will start with the execution soon.

Your house is so beautifully decorated. Where do you get your inspiration from?

My husband is my biggest inspiration. He has exceptionally beautiful ideas and would probably have become an interior designer if he hadn't studied law.

How would you describe your house and furnishing style?

Our decor is simple, modern, and homely warm.

Does your character reflect your decor?

Yes, I am a calm, tidy, and simple person, while my husband is active and creative. Our decor combines these qualities: simple, white walls and a homely atmosphere with wood-vinyl flooring and Philips Hue lighting.

How did you come to choose a Nolte kitchen in this style?

After several visits to kitchen studios and many changes in planning, I realized that Nolte offers the best quality and the most beautiful colours. The Sahara kitchen from Nolte Kitchens radiates exactly the warmth and comfort I was looking for.


Did you plan your kitchen yourself or have it planned?

I planned the kitchen myself for two years in various kitchen studios. I constantly learned and made many changes. In the end, I chose Nolte Kitchens because the quality and colours best matched my ideas.

Your kitchen is handleless, why and what do you particularly like about it?

I chose a handleless kitchen because it is timeless and I like the simple aesthetics.

Does kitchen lighting play a big role for you?

Yes, lighting plays a big role. We have lighting on the kitchen island, under cabinets, above cabinets, and on the shutter cabinet, as well as a hanging lamp from Philips Hue. Depending on the mood, we adjust the light, sometimes warm, sometimes cooler tones.

Why did you choose a completely light, simpler kitchen with a light worktop and light fronts?

The Sahara kitchen from Nolte Kitchens with its earthy tones offers calm, warmth, and comfort. It embodies not only an aesthetic concept but also a story of growth and groundedness.

What is the most important feature in your kitchen for you?

The most important thing is that the hob is high enough so that my children cannot reach it. For my husband, the coffee machine would be the most important feature.

What were three must-haves that absolutely had to be in your kitchen?

Coffee machine, lighting, and plenty of counter space.

Should your kitchen be practical in everyday life, or was the design a priority?

A mix of both. It should be user-friendly, easy to clean, and have plenty of storage space, but also be modern, stylish, and timeless.

Is the interior as important as the exterior appearance?

Yes, a well-planned kitchen takes into account both the interior and exterior appearance. Both aspects are important to create a kitchen that is efficient, practical, inviting, and stylish.

What are your top three household tips?

  1. Regular cleaning and tidying.
  2. Effective organization with baskets and boxes to keep things tidy.
  3. Planning shopping and meals in advance.

On Instagram, you say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Why is this so for you and what does living in the kitchen mean to you?

The kitchen is the heart of the home because it is much more than just a place to cook. Here we care for our loved ones, express love and care. Cooking and baking are a form of relaxation for my husband and me. The kitchen fosters joy, creativity, and community, characterized by shared experiences, culinary discoveries, and the deep enjoyment of being together.
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