Kitchentalk Bianca Zapatka

Kitchentalk with food blogger Bianca Zapatka

Kitchentalk, we took that literally. Together with Eva Brenner and our guests, we bring more life into the kitchen. In this edition we are looking forward to Bianca Zapatka, food blogger and influencer. When it comes to vegan dishes, there is currently no way around Bianca Zapatka.

Join Bianca Zapatka (@BiancaZapatka) and Eva Brenner as they uncover the secrets of a vegan diet. Learn more about this highly popular lifestyle and the basics of vegan cooking. - Curious?

The Vegan Trend

The term “vegan” has only really come into popular use in the past years. This style of eating has become more and more visible and beloved over time! Nowadays the vegan lifestyle is hard to ignore. That is why Eva Brenner has invited the vegan food blogger Bianca Zaptka to our kitchen talk to chat with her about this topic.  Learn more about vegan cuisine and discover a new kind of cooking! 

A passion for cooking

It’s no secret that everyone dreams of turning their hobby or passion into their profession. Bianca made that dream come true several years ago. She is practically the most well-known vegan food blogger in Germany. She inspires and fascinates hundreds of thousands of people every month with her vegan cuisine. During our kitchen talk, Bianca whipped up a tasty vegan dish together with Eva. Vegan cuisine - simpler than you’d think, right?

The art of vegan cuisine

As we all know, first steps are never easy. Especially when, like in the case of Bianca, you are involved in creating a trend from the very beginning. Fortunately, this allows you to develop your creativity freely and make many interesting discoveries. Today, Bianca has 10 years of experience and inspires millions of foodies with her vegan recipes. She has collected and published her favourite recipes in five cooking books. In the video, she reveals how she decided to adopt vegan nutrition and what advice she gives to beginners.

a look behind the scenes

What does the kitchen of one of the most famous food bloggers in Germany look like and why did Bianca choose this kitchen for her Kitchentalk? Find out more in the video now!

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