Isi Carolina and Eva Brenner are conversing during the Nolte Küchen Kitchentalk. They are standing at a kitchen island with a natural stone front neoSLATE in slate black-rosato. In the background, illuminated wall cabinets with the SOFT LACK front series in the color henna red are visible.

Kitchentalk with artist Isi Carolina

From her beginnings in her grandfather's studio to becoming a successful social media artist

In Kitchentalk, Eva Brenner welcomes the young artist Isi Carolina. She first encountered visual art at the age of four through her grandfather, who was an amateur painter and passed on his talent to her. After graduating from high school, Isi studied communication design at the European School of Design in Frankfurt. She now shares her creativity on her social media channels on Instagram and Tik Tok under @isi_carolina, inspiring her followers with her art. In 2022, Isi published her first book "Modern Acrylics" and now focuses on reflective, metallic-appearing oil paintings and a flowing visual language.

Kitchentalk with the young artist Isi Carolina

In her early 20s, Isi is already artistically active and well-known to her followers in the art world through social media. She took her first artistic steps as a child in her grandfather's studio. Very early on, it was clear to her that she wanted to do something creative in the field of design. Isi uses her platforms on Tik Tok and Instagram to connect with other artists and her followers. This allows her creativity to flow freely, and she can be inspired by new ideas.

Already "against the tide" at school

In art class, Isi tended to ignore her teacher's instructions and follow her own ideas. This allowed her to further develop her creativity and achieve an excellent art A-level. She initially began studying communication design but did not pursue it further once it was clear that she wanted to work as a freelance artist. She has already had her first exhibition in Zurich and dreams of exhibiting her work in one of the major galleries in the metropolises. She also tells Eva which artist has influenced and inspired her from the beginning.

Modern oil painting with fine nuances

Isi paints unique, intricate oil paintings, which she describes as "modern illusions." In her works, she reflects the meaning of the colours used, such as inner peace and balance in a blue painting. Isi's repertoire includes both very colourful pictures with lively nuances and monochrome, more tranquil paintings. Her clients come to her digitally or through personal contacts. It is important to her to meet the people who buy her pictures personally, and she maintains contact with many even after the purchase. For Isi, art is the absolute foundation on which she is currently building her life and dreams.

The kitchen of an artist

Her own kitchen is rather simple and minimalist; Isi would like to upgrade its equipment. She enjoys cooking, and her favourite dishes include seafood. Isi chose the kitchen for her interview because it also reflects artistic impulses. Graphic patterns, slate surfaces, and henna-red fronts contrast with the dark surfaces. Eva Brenner and Isi agree: The kitchen stands for creativity and inspiration!

Quick kitchen planning

If Isi could design her own kitchen today, she would let her imagination run wild. Find out what the artist's dream kitchen looks like.

Painting in the kitchen, a painting emerges

After talking so much about her work, Isi Carolina couldn't resist creating one of her artworks on site. Watch as an extraordinary piece emerges from various layers of paint on a white canvas. The painting reminds Eva and Isi of liquid butter or honey - so it thematically fits perfectly in the kitchen environment. While she paints, Isi talks about unusual requests from her customers that pose one challenge or another. You will be excited to see what projects she has in store!

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