Nolte Küchen Kitchentalk Limoment

Kitchentalk with Limoment’s Phillip Marsell

“Kitchentalk”– we took it literally. Together with Eva Brenner and our guests, in this case Phillip Marsell, one of the founders of start-up Limoment, we are bringing more life into the kitchen.

Everything revolves around lemonade in our Kitchentalk with Phillip Marsell. We take a look with him at the beginnings of Limoment and its philosophy and find out about the challenges involved in launching a start-up. You won’t want to miss this!

Accidental start-up?

Many spend their whole life wishing they could have their own company and bring a product they created to market. With financial support from friends, Phillip and Janosch jointly founded Limoment, which started its life as an experimental student project. A market launch was not even on the cards originally – the first bottled lemonades were intended as a thank-you for friends and family. Life for the start-up’s two founders would soon be a whole lot different following a simple hashtag post  and a query from WDR.

Tips for founders and the need for inventiveness

Phillip Marsell has now been an entrepreneur for six years. While taking those first few steps towards independence, he had to overcome a number of hurdles that allother founders have surely encountered too. Phillip shares his experience with us and also has some helpful tips to hand which he hopes will motivate future founders. And speaking of motivation, how does Limoment, as a beverage manufacturer under the pressure of being a start-up, manage to bring new flavours to the market and thus satisfy customer thirst for continuous innovation? We take a look behind the scenes in this Kitchentalk and find out more about the exciting process of creating new flavours that deliver a unique Limoment experience. And what even goes into making a really good, sustainable lemonade?  


Each Limoment product has its own history, which is naturally reflected in the flavour as well. What all of these different characteristic varieties share, however, are the common features for which Limoment has stood since the very out set. We also learn more about a product that is not even on the shelves yet. Interested? 

A Kitchen with the flair of a bar

“Akitchen with the flair of a bar,” is how Phillip describes the kitchen he has selected for his Kitchentalk. But what is his kitchen like at home? Does he also have this bar styling or perhaps it looks completely different, and what was especially important to him when putting together his design? Learn more in the video.

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