Kitchentalk with architect Rosemarie

From architect to influencer

Rosemarie has been working as an interior designer for many years and benefits from her experience with the building industry as well as the trends shaping architecture and interior design. Posting on her profile, she has meanwhile also made a name for herself as an influencer. She reveals more about this unusual combination of office job and her creative work for social media.

Anything done with passion is bound to produce a good result too!

Initially, though, she had other plans… after leaving school, Rosemarie started studying economics. She soon realised she wasn't enjoying the subject and switched to architecture. This was where she was able to flourish and give free rein to her creativity. Two years ago, she then created her profile on Instagram. Here, she regularly gives her community inspiration on interiors or house-building tips, which go down very well.

An idea comes to life

Rosemarie is extremely passionate about the job she does. At a personal level, she likes a modern style, but can also be very excited about buildings from bygone ages, such as those in ancient Rome. She is particularly fascinated by carefully planned details that have taken years to build and perfect. When she plans for her clients, brings ideas to life and ends up with a result that makes people happy, that's when she is in her element.

In this day and age, building a home requires flexibility 

In this part of the interview, Eva and Rosemarie turn attention to a very emotional subject: the development taking place in the construction industry and the related field of house building. In the wake of the current situation, the building sector is tending to slow down. Many homes can no longer be built as planned or not even built at all. Rosemarie also describes the alterations to her own home which, in the meantime, looks completely different from her original vision. The building phase posed many challenges for her, and planning it all demanded a good measure of flexibility from her. In the meantime, though, almost everything has been completed and she encourages her community to carry on pursuing dreams – even if they sometimes develop differently than expected over the course of time.

Minimalist with a hint of warmth and cosiness

For her kitchen talk, Rosemarie has chosen a nolteneo kitchen in Scandinavian look. This reflects her personal style: clean lines with elements in wood that create a purist ambience yet still exude a homely and inviting feel. At home, Rosemarie's kitchen is the focal point of her living area, providing a place where the whole family gathers.

Planning a kitchen in fast-forward mode

What would Rosemarie's kitchen look like if she were allowed to plan it again today? Responding to questions Eva quickly asks on planning, she instinctively turns to her favourites.

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