Küche im Glück - Session 2
Küche im Glück

Kitchen Dreams Come True

"Küche im Glück" enters its second round. The draw has decided, and this time Michelle and David are the chosen winners. The new Nolte kitchen is a special affair of the heart for them, as they are not planning for themselves... Stay tuned!

Kitchen Dreams Come True

Michelle and David want to surprise David's mother! After over 25 years, her current kitchen is simply outdated. The fronts, countertops, fixtures, etc., have aged, but that's about to change. Eva Brenner will implement Michelle and David's ideas. They envision the new design as simple and modern, with clean lines, handleless fronts, and seating.

Inspiration in the Nolte FORUM

Fronts, colors, countertops, various styles, and lots of decorations – the Nolte FORUM is the perfect place for Eva to get inspiration for the new kitchen. Since it should be a light variant for David's mother, Eva starts her creation in a matte-white kitchen. Naturally, her ideas also include handleless, straightforward designs. Meanwhile, our installation team has begun building the kitchen. Harald and Frank have already set up about 8,000 Nolte kitchens and know exactly what they're doing. Additionally, decorations and accessories are selected that perfectly match the light fronts and natural colors.

Stage is set for the new kitchen

The final hours before the handover are breaking in. Minor craft work is being completed, and final details are being decided on-site, with the decorations providing the finishing touches. Then, Michelle and David will receive the kitchen on behalf of David's mother – and Eva immediately sees two very satisfied faces! They are sure: David's mother will absolutely love the new kitchen. The concept of "Kitchen in Happiness" has been a complete success again.

With Decor, It Becomes Cozy  

The right decor completes the overall concept of the kitchen! The team from Depot has supported us energetically andchosen the right accessories with great attention to detail. Everything was coordinated to give the kitchen the final touch.The individual products in the moodboard can be found in the Depot online shop.  

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