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Electrical outlets & charging stations in the kitchen

The right accessories for more power

There can never be enough electrical outlets in the kitchen. Fridge, coffee machine, microwave, toaster, a hand-held blender – in no time there is a whole bunch of appliances. Maybe you would also like to charge your smartphone or tablet computer when cooking …

To have power right where you need it think about what you would like to connect already in the planning stage. You will likely be surprised at the many solutions on offer because, first of all, you don’t need to restrict yourself to the walls. And then, electrical outlets in the kitchen are far more refined than you might think.

Please note that not all our various types of sockets are sold in every single country we supply to. This is due to country-specific technical requirements. Your local dealer will advise you on the solutions available to you.

Power strips

Rented apartments in particular often only have a few scattered sockets.To compensate a lack of electrical outlets power strips are a popular solution.However, these can get annoying if they are in the way and the cable getsentangled with other objects. Therefore, the rule in a well-designed kitchen isto hide cables and fit sockets in the most space-saving manner possible. Ifmulti sockets are used they will be fixed. The fitter will for example attach themto the worktop or place them vertically in a corner.Important: Makesure you do not overload the electrical circuit or sockets! Find out how muchand what you can connect where to avoid overheating or even a fire. When indoubt, ask a trained expert for advice.

Prese multiple

Hidden multiple sockets

As an alternative to elements that are placed on a surface multiple sockets can be hidden inside a base unit. When you need them, just give the cover plate a little push and pull them out. This solution has many advantages: you have even more worktop space. The area is easier to clean and the sockets themselves are protected from dirt when not in use. A bonus especially for living kitchens and open-plan spaces: each element that can remain invisible contributes to the neat and homely atmosphere.

Multipresa nascoste

To take into account individual circumstances in a kitchen there are variations on the solution described above. A casing with extensible multiple sockets can also be installed on a wall. Or you can choose a flush-mounted, revolvable element, which is less deep and can therefore and unlike the first example be fitted above the drawers.

a flush-mounted, revolvable element

Electrical outlets with USB-ports

If you look closely at the image above you will likely notice that the revolvable element has more than the usual sockets. This comes as no surprise considering that there are other gadgets in the kitchen, too, with different plugs! Smartphones and tablet computers, for instance, which are charged via USB.

Prese con connessione USB

This is why Nolte Küchen also provides you with a large choice of electrical outlets for the kitchen that are equipped with USB-ports type A and C. And not only that! As there are of course also devices that can be charged entirely without the use of a cable, we offer charging stations too. These are available either in combination with USB and an “ordinary socket” or simply as a round induction plate for wireless charging – very practical as it can be integrated into the worktop.

base rotonda a induzione per la ricarica wireless

Electrical sockets for front & side panels

The space underneath the hob or the hob extractor is usually unused. Instead of a drawer there is only a front panel. With a flat socket especially made for this area (which, by the way, is also available as avariant with USB-port) you can upgrade this space efficiently. If you like, youcan also also have this unobtrusive source of power fitted into a side panel. This way, you also use the sides of a unit, for example on islands, and are even more flexible connecting the appliances in your room.

Prese per pannelli frontali e fianchi a spessore

Electrical outlets for drawers

Another option is to equip drawers with electrical outlets. You could, for example, choose the drawer where you keep small hand-held appliances. This way, those devices will be powered there and then and the socket will remain invisible when not in use.

Prese per i cassetti

Furniture elements with electrical outlets

Some furniture elements are already equipped with a socket themselves. This isusually the case if they are made for housing small appliances. Our base unit with lifting column, for instance, is designed to utilise corner space. A food processor fits perfectly here and – while hidden when not in use – can be brought out at the push of a button.

Elementi di mobili con prese di corrente

Electrical outlets for music lovers

Yes, that’s right! Today, electrical outlets in the kitchen can even be combined with a little sound system and integrated into the recess, for example. No separate speakers are needed. Simply connect the element, which is equipped with numerous sockets, to your smartphone or tablet computer and enjoy your favourite music, listen to a podcast or have your recipes read out loud. How much more comfortable can it get?!

Plan electrical outlets in the kitchen with a checklist

We will not leave you alone in the design process! Our brochure “My Kitchen” will accompany you. Thanks to a checklist you are well prepared for your visit to the kitchen studio and all questions relating to cooking preferences, favourite appliances and the respective need for electrical sockets. You can find a PDF of “My Kitchen” along with other information in our download area. Or you can download the brochure right here.

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