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How to get the light in your kitchen just right


Light is not just important for kitchen work. It also ensures a pleasant ambiance to turn your kitchen into a homey living space. Even more so, if you have an open-plan kitchen and want a smooth transition between the living and dining areas. Well-planned mood, accent and work lighting is essential. There are many ways to integrate light in your kitchen: From simple work space lighting underneath wall units through significantly more complex solutions such as integrated lighting in glass cases to lighting fixtures in drawers and pull-outs inside cabinets. In handleless kitchens, it is even possible to equip all finger pulls with lighting fixtures.

Don’t leave the light for later

You should take lighting into account very early in your plan. Start with natural light sources - planning experts take the position of windows in the room into account, not just for placing cabinets but also for the lighting situation. Daylight will make an essential contribution to the overall ambiance of your kitchen and will determine where and to what extent additional lighting fixtures are necessary. Below, you will find our three highlight tips and tricks on the topic of light and lighting in your kitchen:

2 in 1: Emotion Light

Work or mood lighting? LED-based lighting systems like Emotion Light combine the two and save energy at the same time. You can use a remote control to dim the light in different zones. The light temperature is also infinitely variable from cold to warm white.

2 in 1: Emotion Light

A handle on light

MatrixArt is the handleless design by Nolte Küchen. The integrated finger-pulls can be equipped with a horizontal and now even a vertical lighting fixture. The result is the kind of impressive mood lighting only Nolte Küchen can offer.

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It works better with light

Illuminating work surfaces with light sources underneath the wall units is the most common solution for kitchens. But various options are available.

It works better with light

Cabinet on, cabinet off

You would like something a bit more special? How about interior lighting for a glass case: Glass doors increase transparency in your kitchen – and the light strengthens the depth effect. This option is particularly effective in small rooms. Illuminated drawers, on the other hand, will make your utensils easier to find.

Cabinet on, cabinet off

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