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Ideas for dining areas and seating corners in small kitchens

Whether it's morning coffee or a shared dinner, a beautiful kitchen requires a cozy dining area. And who says you need a lot of space for that? Find out how to equip your small kitchen with an inviting seating area using the right tables and chairs, along with a little creativity and finesse.

How to create a dining nook in small kitchens

A dining area is more than just a place to eat: it's a place for community, sharing, and coming together. In small kitchens, this area may be limited, but it doesn't have to be any less inviting or functional. However, good planning is essential: where is the best place for the seating area? Many small kitchens are also very narrow, and the limited free space is needed as a passageway. Nevertheless, several people should be able to sit at the table. You should plan for at least fifty centimeters per person in width - preferably more. So, think carefully about which options are really suitable for your small kitchen. Start by selecting the kitchen table and then choose the matching chairs.

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The right table for your small kitchen

A table in a small kitchen is generally practical: in addition to being used as a dining area, it provides additional workspace. And here's how you can find the perfect model - or a creative alternative.

  1. Opt for a rectangular table, especially in narrow kitchens, as it makes better use of space. Exception: If you have a kitchen with a square layout, you can also choose a round table.
  2. Consider fold-down tables, especially in narrow kitchens. Depending on your needs, you can fold them up easily. Particularly practical are models where the tabletop is mounted directly on the wall. But keep in mind that you need to completely clear the table before folding it - is that suitable for you?
  3. Use a freestanding kitchen counter or kitchen island if possible. Simply mount a bar console as a dining counter on the countertop. Console tables are narrow and can be placed against walls or perpendicular to the kitchen counter. They often come with drawers for storing kitchen accessories.
  4. Create more seating for children with a pedestal table. Because there are fewer table legs in the way, a pedestal table offers space for more chairs - though not more space on the tabletop. Therefore, it is especially suitable for families with children.
  5. Use multifunctional solutions. Choose a kitchen cabinet with a pull-out countertop. When needed, you can have a small dining table for one person that can be stored in a space-saving manner.
  6. Get creative. If you simply can't find a way to fit a table into your small kitchen, solutions can still be found. For example, mount narrow boards on free spaces or under the windowsill.

Choosing the Right Seating for Your Small Kitchen

Cozy and space-saving: That's how the chairs for your small kitchen should be. Or would you prefer a comfortable seating corner with a bench? There are various seating options to equip your small kitchen. Choose, for example:

  • Folding chairs: They are lightweight, space-saving, and can be quickly folded up and stored on walls or in niches when needed.
  • Stools: They can be slid under tabletops or window sills. As a multifunctional solution, these seating options also come with additional storage space.
  • Benches: Several people can comfortably sit on this cozy seating option. Benches with foldable or removable lids also offer valuable storage space.

If you have the opportunity, alternatively, build your seating directly into the kitchen counter or window sill. The result is a cozy seating option for relaxation and dining.

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  1. Use folding tables and chairs, as well as extendable tables.
  2. Utilize narrow consoles or shelves as dining counters.
  3. Create more seating with pedestal tables.
  4. Tuck stools under tables and counters to save space.
  5. Choose multifunctional furniture, like benches with storage.
  6. Set up the dining area in a window nook.
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