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Kitchen planning made easy


In the end, your personal tastes will define the looks of your kitchen. But any plan is based on certain data, which should be recorded before you enter the kitchen showroom. For instance, there is the floor plan of the room. The positions of doors, windows, connections, power outlets and heaters are important reference points for the planner. If you don’t want to make a sketch by hand, you can find useful tools online, such as the online kitchen planner presented by Nolte Küchen. In this planner, your plan starts with an empty room template, which you can adapt to your personal situation and the structural requirements.

The work route triangle

The “work route triangle” is very helpful for arranging your cabinets. It ensures ergonomic work routines and determines how three essential areas found in every kitchen are positioned in relation to each other: a corner for food storage, an area for cooking and one for washing dishes. These areas, arranged in a triangle, should not be more than twice an arm’s length from each other and should be planned so that several people have sufficient space.

The work route triangle

Who is using the kitchen and how?

Of course, it is good to know how many people will be using the kitchen and how tall these people are. This information will let you adapt all working heights to a level that is gentle to everybody’s backs. Personal preferences while cooking should also be taken into account, for instance when selecting fitted appliances or thinking about your storage space requirements.

Wer Who is using the kitchen and how?

Well-used storage space

Modern kitchens offer many options for storing kitchen utensils in a well-arranged, efficient manner. This starts with extra-deep pull-out units that offer 32 % more storage space and goes all the way to special working heights, for instance Matrix 900 by Nolte Küchen. This combination of a larger base unit (900 mm) with a lower plinth and a delicate-looking worktop is ergonomic and increases storage space by 20 % compared to the standard height.

Well-used storage space

Didn’t forget anything?

In the brochure “My kitchen“, Nolte Küchen has summed up all the important considerations for kitchen planning. A check list at the end will make sure you don’t forget anything. Together with the online kitchen planner, which will help you with your first planning steps, you’ll then be perfectly prepared for your trip to the kitchen showroom. There, an expert consultant will help you make your dreams and ideas a reality. So let’s go!
Manhattan Steineiche

Step 1: Inspiration

There’s no need to rush into anything. Do your research to find out what is possible from a visual, technical and planning perspective – and what makes sense for you. Nolte Küchen has what you need.

Planning online

Step 2: Planning online

Now let’s get to it: First you need to measure your room, then proceed to the first steps of planning. The kitchen planner can show you concrete examples of what your dream kitchen may look like in the end. While you plan, always keep the basics, like the work route triangle, in mind.


Step 3: Retailer

Your local retailer will let you touch materials and get an entirely different impression of quality and design than the virtual space. Engage with your consultant’s advice - after all, your consultant has already planned hundreds of kitchens and has a good idea of what customers need – particularly where technical details are concerned.

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