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Kitchen Planning without Upper Cabinets

Discover how kitchens without upper cabinets create openness and modern style

In recent years, a remarkable trend has emerged in kitchen planning: The complete omission of tall cabinets. This option is often chosen not only for aesthetic reasons; it is also a good alternative for special room situations.

Open Kitchen Planning without Upper Cabinets

Kitchen Planning without Upper Cabinets Creates an Open and Light Kitchen Design. Especially in rooms with sloped ceilings, where tall cabinets are often not integrable, this style has proven itself. Are kitchens without upper cabinets only suitable for a modern look? Not necessarily! Even country kitchens or classically designed kitchens look stylish without upper cabinets. If you opt for a kitchen without wall cabinets, it may be useful to plan generous pull-outs in the base cabinets. These offer particularly much storage space.

Aesthetics and openness: kitchen planning without wall units

Storage solutions for kitchens without upper cabinets

For those concerned that a kitchen without upper cabinets may lack storage space, this concern can quickly be alleviated. Base cabinets, pull-outs, and special interior fittings provide an excellent alternative to efficiently utilize the required storage space. In addition, tall cabinets can serve as additional storage space, while open shelves add variety to the overall appearance and provide additional space for kitchen utensils.

Seamless integration of kitchen and living area

These light and subtle designs seamlessly integrate into open living spaces, creating a smooth and harmonious transition from the kitchen to the living room. The minimalist design does not contradict functionality: A kitchen without tall cabinets can fulfill all practical requirements without visually dominating the living area. This makes it an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution for modern living concepts.

Kitchen planning without wall units

Here is a summary of the possibilities for creating storage space without tall cabinets:

Tall cabinets offer even more storage space than a combination of counter and upper cabinet. However, this may result in some lost workspace. Tall cabinets provide a uniform appearance and are extremely practical for those who need more storage space. They are also excellent for framing a refrigerator or making the kitchen, including the refrigerator, appear symmetrical. For those who dislike or cannot have tall cabinets, highboards can be used to create additional storage space. Although some workspace is also lost here, highboards provide an ideal solution for optimizing space under sloped ceilings. They ensure that the room receives more air and light from above without losing much storage space. Room design with shelves creates an open and airy atmosphere. Shelves can stylishly showcase decorative elements.

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