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The open plan kitchen – More space for communication

How to make your open plan kitchen the centerpiece of your home with smart design ideas

Modern, open kitchen concepts are increasingly becoming the focal point in homes. They are not just for cooking and eating but are a central place for social interaction and family activities. These kitchens are a combination of functionality and design, making them a sophisticated task in space planning. However, with the right design ideas, everyone can optimally use this space. Today's living kitchens are characterized by their spaciousness and openness. They are places of communication and togetherness, ideal for preparing meals together and exchanging daily experiences. They are also a central meeting point for social events and family celebrations. The popularity of open living kitchens is steadily increasing, especially among cooking enthusiasts. Many new buildings therefore integrate this type of kitchen directly into their floor plans.


  • Open kitchens provide a passionate backdrop for those who love cooking, serving as the heart of the home.
  • Today's kitchen designs are often so appealing that many are proud to showcase their kitchen decor.
  • An open living concept promotes communication and interaction, even during meal preparation
  • Parents can easily keep an eye on their children who are in the same room while cooking.


  • Open kitchens visibly display dishes and kitchen utensils, requiring constant tidiness.
  • The noises of cooking and kitchen appliances are always present.
  • Cooking smells can affect the living ambiance.


Nolte Kitchens Tips and Tricks for Designing an Open Plan Kitchen

Design Tips for Open Plan Kitchens

Unified Style: Choose a consistent style and similar colors for the kitchen, dining, and living areas to create a harmonious space.

Functional Room Dividers: Use kitchen islands, bar elements, or even sofas as natural room dividers. These elements can help to visually structure the space without compromising openness.

Lighting: Opt for a combination of functional and atmospheric lighting. Pendant lights over the dining area or lights under the kitchen cabinets can be both practical and decorative.

Colors and Materials: Warm tones and natural materials such as wood create an inviting atmosphere.

Nolte Kuechen Tipps und Tricks zur Gestaltung einer offenen Wohnküche
Nolte Kitchens Tips and Tricks for Designing an Open Plan Kitchen

More Design Tips for Open Plan Kitchens

Plants: A small herb garden or green plants add freshness and improve the room's climate. Personal

Decor: Choose family photos and personal items to make the kitchen more homely.

Keep tidy: In an open plan kitchen, everything is visible, so it's important to provide ample storage. Integrated cabinets and shelves help keep the space tidy and maintain aesthetics.

Seating: A counter with bar stools at the kitchen island or an attached table can offer cozy seating options.

Ideas for Open Plan Kitchens

These little details make a big difference in transforming your kitchen into a warm and welcoming space. Enjoy decorating!
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