Nolte Kitchens once again leads the customer survey conducted by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), thanks to outstanding product quality and customer satisfaction. Over 90% of respondents praise the design and quality of the kitchens. The company also impresses with a strong price-performance ratio and high willingness to recommend. Marketing Manager Simon Hoecker sees this as recognition of the team's customer orientation. Nolte Kitchens thus confirms its status as a leader in quality and customer satisfaction.

In the customer survey conducted by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) on behalf of the news channel ntv, Nolte Küchen once again secured the top spot. The company receives the quality rating of "very good," which stands for the highest customer satisfaction and the most popular brand. In particular, the product quality and design of the kitchens stood out, as more than 90 percent of respondents expressed satisfaction with them, either rather or very satisfied. Nolte Küchen also achieves a top-3 ranking in terms of price-performance ratio. Furthermore, the company distinguishes itself with the lowest annoyance rate in comparison (only 3.4 percent) and a high willingness of customers to recommend (Net Promoter Score: +36.4).

Marketing Manager Simon Hoecker said, "We are hugely pleased to have become the overall winner of this survey for the fourth time in a row! This is a great accolade from end consumers to the entire team behind Nolte Küchen, confirming our strong commitment to putting customer desires at the forefront."

About the survey: The German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) aims to improve service quality in Germany. The market research institute based in Hamburg conducts independent competitive analyses and customer surveys for this purpose. The customer survey described above included 1,372 evaluations from consumers who own a branded kitchen. The focus of the panel survey was on customer opinions regarding the aspects of price-performance ratio, product quality, range, design, and image of the brand. Additionally, recommendations and customer annoyances were taken into account in the overall assessment. In the individual evaluation, all kitchen brands were considered for which 80 consumers had expressed their opinions. This applied to 15 out of 21 brands evaluated.

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