Nolte Kitchens presents its first brand film, which poignantly reflects the values of the family business in Löhne and authentically illustrates the motto "For life in the kitchen".

„The kitchen is the place where everyone gathers in the house - this is where life happens. With all its surprises, dramas, beautiful, and funny moments - these are the many little stories that make the movie of our lives so special. And that's exactly the movie we've shot now - intergenerational, natural, unfiltered, and authentic. In a way that makes the brand values tangible through the story,” says Simon Hoecker, Marketing Manager of Nolte Kitchens.

In cooperation with the agency ROCC Film, an emotional story emerged that tells the life of a woman and her dreams. Starting with eating cookies at grandma's house, through the housewarming party in the first apartment, the departure to distant travels, and ultimately family life as a mother and grandmother, the most important events of her life take place in the kitchen. And always with a wink.

In the different phases of the protagonist's life, you always see a different kitchen in the background. Here it is shown: Nolte is a reliable partner in every life situation - the kitchens are as versatile as life itself.

For the idea and concept of the brand film, Nolte Kitchens and W&S Epic are responsible. Managing Director Max Winkler: „The conceptual approach came from the customer himself. Representing the themes of sustainability and innovation through the life story of a person was a fantastic idea that conveys a high level of emotion.“

ROCC Film was also enthusiastic about the script from the beginning. „Thanks to the trusting cooperation, we were able to bring the characters and their kitchens to life and create the magic of the film set,” says director Christian Martin Schäfer.

The film will be shown in trade, at fairs, in the company's own 7,000 sqm showroom „Nolte Forum“, on Nolte Kitchens' social media channels, and as part of the 2024 media planning.

Credits: Nolte Küchen:
Creativ agency: W&S Epic GmbH
Director & Production: Christian Martin Schäfer ROCC Film
Camera & Grading: Christoph Wieczorek, ROCC Film
Art Director: Jasmin Hollemanns
Styling: Irina Skladkowski
Hair Makeup: Ute Mehta

Here is the brand film

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