nolteneo is the design upgrade for Nolte kitchens. The equipment line offers exclusive fronts, extraordinary materials, and further customization options that turn any Nolte kitchen into a nolteneo with just a few changes.

Elegantly Combined

LODGE creates a harmonious contrast to the striking marble front. The grooved oak veneer stands out due to its special texture. The planning is loosened up by the open shelving unit. The recessed lighting under the wall cabinets creates a cozy and perfectly staged ambiance. neoMARBLE, in combination with the dark countertop, creates an elegant and individual look, which is further enhanced by the marble pattern running in irregular patterns on the fronts. The dark appearance of the kitchen continues in the base and wall cabinets: Here, the neoThe Front The Wow effect when opening the side cabinet is created by an integrated LED strip that can be attached to the narrow side edges of the inner drawers - thus, the lighting concept continues inside. The battery-powered lighting system turns off automatically when closing.

neoMarble neoLodge

Puristic and Bright

The neoLEAF front features an authentic wood reproduction made of melamine resin, whose structure and grain are modeled after sand ash. In combination with a white lacquered front, a natural, modern look is created. An integral part of every nolteneo kitchen is the neoBox, an integrated drawer and pull-out system that continues the elegant design inside the cabinet with individual configuration options. Here, the matte anthracite creates a striking contrast to the white front. This kitchen design completely dispenses with handles with MatrixArt ONE, allowing the upper drawers to be opened through the narrow grip channel under the countertop, while the lower drawers can be opened with push-to-open. Vertical and horizontally illuminated grip channels underline the linear overall impression.


Urban Chic

Achieving an urban look is simple: The neoSLATE made of stone veneer forms an exciting contrast with its three-dimensional slate surface to the smooth lacquered front in Henner Red - even in terms of texture. The special manufacturing process, in which a single layer is removed from a slate block and then pressed, makes each front unique. Subtle black handles directly under the countertop highlight the special structure. nolteneo also offers extensive options for customization, including a wide selection of visible sides that can be designed tone on tone or as a contrast in other corpus colors according to taste.


Perfectly Coordinated

Design elements.  neoPURE several exclusive nolteneoGRID and neoLODGE, neoHere, various surfaces come together: This kitchen design combines with The eye-catchers in this kitchen are the two side cabinets with different fronts: The noble neoLODGE made of oak veneer in grooved look forms a calm contrast to the striking neoGRID. The aluminum frame with black perforated metal is semi-transparent, making the cabinet not only the ideal storage place for beautiful vases and glasses, but also a stylish design piece of furniture. The integrated, vertical lighting skillfully showcases the decorative elements in the display cabinet. The room concept is rounded off by the kitchen island with the neoPURE front in gold metal, which sets a warm accent in the center of the kitchen and convinces with its holistic look thanks to matching side panels.



The neoMIRROR gives every room an additional dimension, as the mirrored fronts can also visually enlarge small kitchens. In combination with the front PLUS in black soft matt, an extravagant look is created. The special feature of the PLUS fronts made of laminate is the anti-fingerprint coating, which ensures that the surface retains its clean look even in everyday use. Not only the mirrored front is exclusive for nolteneo, but also the semicircular design handles on the cabinet are a special design element of the equipment line, which, in addition to the handleless fronts, provide a subtle eye-catcher.

Nolteneo - neoPLUS neoMIRROR

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