Smart Planning Ideas in Small Spaces

Plenty of Space in the Tiniest of Places

The popularity of small apartments and houses has surged in recent years, driven in part by rising real estate prices and a shrinking availability of living space. Sustainability has also become a growing concern in this trend. However, no matter how small one's home may be, the goal is to make it as cozy and tailored to one's taste as possible. Whether dealing with sloped ceilings or nooks, every bit of space should be optimally utilized, providing ample storage and clever functionalities. For those with limited square footage, it's best to prioritize their preferences. T

his is where Nolte shines, as our smart planning solutions allow for the optimal combination of ample storage, functionality, budget, and design. With Nolte's high-quality reproductions, modern concrete, stone, and wood aesthetics can make their way into your home even on a modest budget. However, lovers of authentic materials will also find what they're looking for at Nolte: Real materials like wood, metal, lacquer, glass, cement, or stone meet even the highest standards and leave nothing to be desired. Favorite decors can extend from the kitchen to the hallway, utility room, and living area, adding stylish accents throughout.

Four Stories, Four Comfort Retreats

Whether it's a studio apartment, micro-apartments for singles, an attic apartment for single parents, or a city-center old building apartment for couples, Nolte Kitchens always has the right furnishing solution at hand. No matter how small the apartment or how great the challenge, our four stories show how everyone can create their own personal comfort retreat.
In our brochure we show you thoughtful planning for small spaces.

creative student

Just one room, but many semesters. The apartment should bemodern and affordable. Even though the room is only a few square meters,everything necessary has been accommodated. The trick: When planning the wallcabinets and shelves, we maximized the entire room height. Storage space with apurpose - the plan has worked out.


Single with standards

Small but exquisite: the microflat with approximately 24square meters. The goal: high-quality furnishings without compromising on functionalityand maximizing storage space. The reality: as per the goal. With diverse ideas,everything was implemented according to plan: thanks to a rail system, built-inrange hood, kickboard drawer, and multifunctional furniture in uniform décors,a cozy micro-apartment was created.

Micro Appartement

Big and small together

An attic apartment with plenty of alcoves and slopingceilings. The solution: A U-shaped kitchen with corner cabinet solutions, lowwall cabinets, open shelves, and various lighting options ensure harmonioustransitions and ample storage space.

Sou Pente

Relationship with design standards

An old building in the big city with historic charm thatneeds to be preserved. At the same time, the design should offer storage space,many functions, and urban style. In this regard, all wishes have come true, forexample, through the integrated utility room – hidden behind the closed designkitchen front.

Relation avec exigence de design
Nolte Kuechen Tiny - Paar in der Kueche mit Awards

for life in the kitchen

... is a statement that you can take quite literally at Nolte Kitchens. Here you will find everything to make your dream kitchen come true: for nearly every budget, every requirement, and always in the best quality – made in Germany.

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