Nolte Küchen Kitchentalk

Kitchentalk with interior design expert Kiki Ahlers

Kitchentalk, we took that literally. Together with Eva Brenner and our guests, we bring more life into the kitchen. In this edition, we look forward to Kiki Ahlers, "Schöner Wohnen" magazine editor for Kitchens.

In the new edition of Kitchentalk, we welcome Kiki Ahlers. She has been working for the interior design magazine "Schöner Wohnen" for over 20 years, including 10 years as editor for the kitchen section. Eva Brenner will learn first-hand what Kiki is inspired by in her work, what new trends we can expect and how her own kitchen looks and is furnished at home. Look forward to an informative exchange among interior design experts!

Passion for building and furnishing from childhood onwards

Kiki's enthusiasm for design and interior decoration comes from her parents' home. Here, renovations and remodeling were frequent, with architects, engineers and craftsmen coming and going. After studying art and marketing, Kiki began working at the publishing house Gruner + Jahr, gradually joining the editorial team of "Schöner Wohnen" and becoming an expert on kitchens and bathrooms. Kiki tells Eva about her inspiration and passion for the kitchen area and why this space holds highly exciting technology and many emotions.

Design, trend and individuality combined: How personal style is created

A kitchen should represent the people who live, live and work in it. Kiki reveals to us how kitchen designs are individually tailored to their owners. The combination of design themes, current styles and individual preferences make up personal style. Open plan kitchens represent both work and living areas, so they should be visually appealing and practical at the same time. With Kiki's expert tips and recommendations, individual design according to the latest, technical standards and current trends succeeds with personal Nolte.

Black Green: A color with many facets

Kiki explains why she chose MANHATTAN UNI in Black Green for her interview. Together with Eva, she discovers the versatile properties of this color, and the two make exciting associations with different areas. She also shows us Kiki's highlights at Nolte Forum and discovers another favorite. Learn more about the selection in the video!

The kitchen with the expert

After so much expert input, you're probably wondering what the kitchen at the Expert's looks like. At Kiki's, the kitchen isn't just for cooking. It is also a meeting place for family and friends, whom she likes to invite to her large dining table. Emotion, conviviality and enjoyment make up life in the kitchen for Kiki!

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