Feel Quarzgrau Asteiche Natur
Kitchen ideas

A kitchenette with natural contrasts

This idea is far from obvious: Ample grey surfaces are broken up consistently by light, natural wood. Open shelves and a high-level oven are an additional advantage of this kitchen plan.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Feel Quarzgrau Asteiche Natur

Open to anything: A shelf as end piece on the side

We have chosen an open shelf as the end piece for the kitchenette in order to create a smooth transition from the kitchen to the living area. This is the perfect place to display your favourite pieces.

Feel Quarzgrau Asteiche Natur

Ergonomic baking

The oven is installed so that you can see everything happening inside it. And not just that: Its eye-level position is gentle to your back.

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