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Open shelf units or wall units up to the ceiling? Combine our various units to suit your personal tastes.

Too much storage space? Impossible.

Thanks to a broad selection of base units and flexible combination possibilities, you can tailor your Nolte kitchen easily to match your individual need for storage space. The range, including plinth drawers, corner solutions, waste separation systems and cooker units, ensures that every centimetre is utilised to the full. Even electrical appliances can be integrated into base units in any way you like.

Not an inch of space wasted

Wall units provide a large amount of additional storage space and can even be integrated right up to the ceiling. Thanks to Matrix 150, it is even possible to store pasta plates in the 350 mm deep wall units. And, if you prefer to have everything in the open, then display units with glass panels are the perfect choice in place of units with closed off fronts.

Tall units perfectly utilised

A classic larder unit does not just provide a great deal of storage space, but also a particularly clear overview and easy access from both sides. This, however, is just one of the many ways of using the tall units in your Nolte kitchen. For example, you can integrate electrical appliances at ergonomic working heights, or concealment doors that hide away your work tools with just a flick of the wrist.

A great eye-catcher: open shelf units

Open shelf units can be integrated flexibly into the kitchen, loosen up the appearance and create a harmonious transition to the living area. Add finishing touches as the mood takes you – your favourite pieces are shown off at their very best here.
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