Der perfekte Hauswirtschaftsraum
Kitchen ideas

Utility room: The perfect antechamber

This utility room is characterised by generous storage shelves, wide drawers and a multitude of hidden helpers. Dirty and fresh laundry are perfectly organised. Here, everything remains in its place and is not spread throughout the entire house.

Reasons to love this planning example:

HWR Manhattan Uni Quarzgrau

Large spaces for small stuff

A large number of small items, such as towels, washing utensils and bin liners, are quickly to hand in the generous drawers.

HWR Manhattan Uni Quarzgrau

Integrated seating

You can use the recesses as storage space for bags, or even as a bench for putting your shoes on and taking them off.

HWR Manhattan Uni Quarzgrau

Easy disposal

The various laundry baskets are easily hidden from sight in the units. This means that everything is not just sorted; it is no longer in sight or spread throughout the house.

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