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Kitchen ideas

Your open-plan kitchen - A favourite space that’s always in sight!

Cooking, eating, chatting, relaxing or as we call it: living The times in which the kitchen was strictly separate from the living room are long gone. Instead, we have created a favourite place in which the whole family can congregate.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Feel Platingrau

Practical modular design

The kitchen’s modular design gives it a relaxed, wide-open look and distributes it subtly across the room.

Feel Platingrau

Making perfect use of high ceilings

You’ve got to have high hopes for your kitchen: Wall units reaching the ceiling make perfect use of the space above your kitchenette.

Feel Platingrau

Baking at eye level

This design puts an end to the hassle of bending down. The oven is installed at an ergonomic height to ensure that you can see everything at a glance.

Feel Platingrau

Warm, cosy wood

The combination of natural wood colours gives this kitchen a warm tone that creates a lovely living space.

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