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Between Dream Home and Interior Passion

Hey, I'm Kim. Some of you might already know me as kim_terieur on Instagram. I'm a mom of two boys, I've been living with my husband for 17 years, and we built our dream house 4 years ago.

1. What inspired you to share your interior journey on Instagram with others?

I actually started with interior on Instagram out of boredom. Back then, when I started posting more actively, I had 294 followers (I'll never forget that number).

2. Do you consider Instagram your hobby, or do you see it as your profession?

I would be lying if I said it's just a hobby. Some good things have come from it, allowing us to go on more vacations than usual. However, I still do it because I really enjoy interacting with people, inspiring them, and of course, finding inspiration from others.

3 .What led you to choose a classic black and white combination for your kitchen design?

We wanted a kitchen that was stylish but also timeless. That's how I came up with the idea of mixing black and white, along with the combination of matte and glossy fronts, which, in my opinion, looks great yet remains simple, making it easy to work with accessories.

4. The black kitchen island with an attached bar is definitely an eye-catcher in your kitchen. How did you come up with this unique idea?

It has always been my dream to have a kitchen with a seating area. In my childhood, we had very small kitchens that were not inviting for people to sit and chat with the cook while the food was being prepared. I really like being able to sit there and look out of the windows.

5. A kitchen island is a place for communication; is it an important spot in your house?

Our whole kitchen is the heart of the house. Whether you're standing in the driveway looking through the large windows, sitting at the dining table, or strolling through the garden, the kitchen is visible from everywhere. It had to be perfect, and I believe we've done a good job.

6. Did you plan your kitchen yourself, or did you have it planned in a kitchen studio?

We were in a kitchen studio in Kirchlengern at the time. But I already knew exactly how I wanted the kitchen to look. The specialist took care of the fine-tuning of the plan.

7. What kitchen design trends currently inspire you the most?

Honestly, I'm not very well-versed in trends. I simply do what I like and what I find good. There's no need to go with the flow.

8. What are the three main aspects that are particularly important to you when planning your kitchen? What were the three must-haves that had to be integrated into your kitchen?

The cooking island was a clear must-have. I also wanted to have the built-in downdraft ventilation in the cooktop. It was also crucial for me that the sink was flush with the countertop.

9. Your kitchen is planned without wall cabinets; why did you decide on that?

The reason we don't have wall cabinets is quite simple: I'm too short to reach them without a stool. Also, I liked the idea of having large windows, so we decided to forgo wall cabinets.

10. What challenges did you face when planning your open living kitchen? What aspects were particularly easy and which were difficult?

None at all. The only thing we insisted on at the time was that the living room should be visually and acoustically somewhat separated from the kitchen. That's why we planned the corner pivot to access the living room.

11. You chose a mix of handleless and handled cabinets; why?

We have handles everywhere. However, they are so delicate that you probably didn't notice them.

12. What, for you, is the charm of an open kitchen, or why did you choose it?

We love "open living." I like light and the spaciousness of the rooms.

13. Are there any decorations or personal accents in your kitchen that have a special meaning for you?

Yes, I particularly like the sketched images of our children. They are so beautifully simple and yet special. You can't imagine how many times I've lifted the kids next to them to reminisce. They used to be so small.

14. What aspects were particularly important to you when you built your house? What advice would you give to others who want to make their homes more beautiful and cozy?

Get a lot of inspiration. Stay true to your style. And most importantly, do your thing and don't let anyone else dictate to you. You have to feel comfortable and live there, not anyone else.

15. Could you describe your kitchen in just three words?

Clean, modern, elegant.

16. What does "life in the kitchen" mean to you?

We really do live in our kitchen. It's where we have a glass of wine with friends, discuss the day, do homework, laugh, cry, ponder, eat, and more... I could write so much more...

17. You play with a versatile mix of materials in your house – how do you make the combination harmonious, and what tips would you give to people thinking about a material mix in their home?

I can't really give specific tips. I think I just have a bit of a sense for what works and what should be avoided. However, I'm always happy to help friends when they want to hear my opinion about their ideas.

18. Can you describe how you would characterize your house and your interior style? Does the décor reflect your personality?

Absolutely. The house is my baby :) I believe it reflects me very well. I'm cool, robust, minimalist, and I like to wear black.
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