Kitchen Talk

Kitchen Talk with Gin Distiller Marcel Lossi

Marcel's first encounters with the juniper berry, which is essential for gin, took place at his grandmother's health food store. Here, he was allowed to assist in processing fresh sauerkraut. His profession as an event manager inspired him to experiment with various cocktails, drinks, and blends, leading to the creation of his first gin variety.

No longer just a fashionable drink, but a lasting trend

The first gin that Marcel and his team developed was initially intended for their own events. However, they couldn't agree on a single mixture, resulting in a total of six gin varieties that are still part of the lineup today. When retailers came knocking, offering support with distribution, the success story of Gin Lossi began. You can follow the complete development of Marcel's distillery in the video now!

Gin Production with Attention to Detail

The cult beverage is on everyone's lips, but how are these popular spirits actually made? Marcel vividly describes how the base liquid is infused with botanicals, distilled, and then, through the combination of all ingredients, a high-quality gin is created. He also shares with us his sources of inspiration for new creations, which sometimes arise from experimenting with various cocktails or trying out new recipes. Additionally, Marcel maintains constant communication with his customers, allowing their feedback to be directly incorporated.

Like a stroll through the botanical garden

Marcel explains the differences between the various gin varieties in a very vivid and lively manner. Sometimes with intense ginger notes, juniper flavor, and citrus nuances, and other times with rose blossom, sage, or lavender – Gin Lossi's blends are unique and exceptional. Eva Brenner gets a taste for it and tests exciting variations with Marcel.

How could it be any different...The gin distiller chooses a kitchen with a bar atmosphere

Marcel Lossi's own kitchen is open and brightly designed. In this video, Eva finds out why he chooses a dark, industrial-style version for his Kitchentalk. For Marcel, the kitchen is a place of encounter and socializing. After all, there's a reason why the best parties happen in the kitchen!

Speedy Kitchen Planning

High gloss or matte? Country-style or modern? With or without handles? You're already familiar with our 'Hot Seat' questions, and Marcel Lossi answers them so quickly that Eva can only marvel.

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