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Set up and organize a modern home office

Hybrid working is becoming more common, combining the benefits of office and home office. Learn how to seamlessly integrate your workspace into your living area with innovative and flexible home design concepts - aesthetically, elegantly, and yet "almost invisible".

Efficient working in the home office

A combination of office presence and working hours from home has become a new standard in many companies. In the office, employees benefit from direct interaction with colleagues, which not only promotes social cohesion but also strengthens professional networks. Days spent working from home, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to work very focused in a quieter environment while saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent, for example, on commuting.

Mini Apartment

Set up an ergonomic and stylish home office

To make working from home as pleasant and productive as possible, the workplace should be both ergonomic and stylishly furnished. Open living concepts lay the foundation for merging living and office spaces, making the selection of the right furniture and decorations increasingly important.

Soft Lack

Elegant, flexible home office workspace

Nolte Kitchens offers you flexible solutions that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. An example of this is a firmly integrated workplace that elegantly fits into the overall picture of the living space, such as a wall-mounted sideboard that serves as a desk when needed.

Hidden workspace solution: Desk for mobile working

An especially innovative product is the "Mobile Working" cabinet. This piece of furniture allows you to discreetly store work materials after use, creating a smooth transition between work and leisure time. When closed, the cabinet harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the interior, contributing to a tidy and aesthetically pleasing ambiance.

These solutions meet all the requirements of a modern home office workspace today: functional, flexible, and stylish. They clearly demonstrate that working from home can be efficient and yet pleasant and inspiring.

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