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A mood board is a kind of "inspiration pinboard". Photos, illustrations and images are collected on a specific theme, which are then put together in a collage. Moodboards are often used by creatives and designers to visualize a specific project or theme. This can be a graphic direction, a new design or even a style of living. For example, you can develop individual stylings to decorate your kitchen so harmoniously that it fits seamlessly into the overall look of the living space. We would like to support you in this and have developed various mood boards for our new kitchens. These each show a living style that is perfectly matched to the kitchens. Get inspired now and discover the creative possibilities!

The PLUS in the newly available color scheme Lava soft matte in Skandi style

Scandi style is characterised by clarity in form and colour. A soothing combination of white and shades of grey, which is rounded off with black or light blue tones. Haptic materials, such as light woods from ash, birch or pine as well as leather and ceramics play a major role. Alternating straight lines and soft organic shapes alternate to create harmony. The use of indirect light sources, with designer luminaires, for example, is an absolute must to round off the style in a visually warm and cosy fashion. 

Nolte Kuechen Nolte Blog Moodboard

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The MANHATTAN UNI in the new trend color Black Green in Ikebana style

The grace of the imperfect. These are the words of Toshiro Kawase, one of the greatest Ikebana masters of our time. The centuries-old tradition from Japan is a flower arrangement art - in Japanese “Ikebana” - and is the opposite of opulent. Selected individual flowers are artfully combined and arranged with twigs and buds. The choice of colours and the staking at different heights bring harmony. Work is carried out along three main lines. Heaven (Shin), Humanity (Tai) and Earth (Soe).

Moodboard Ikebana

Download the Ikebana style mood board now

Discover many more inspiring mood boards on this page in the coming weeks!

Here you can find more information about our novelties 2023.

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