Sustainability at Nolte Kitchens

The yellow towers on the company premises in Löhne have almost become a landmark. They are heating boilers in which wood waste is burned. Thus, Nolte Kitchens covers over 99 percent of the heating demand – and has been doing so for years. In terms of sustainability as well, the company, whose founder was a pioneer in producing furniture on assembly lines, demonstrates pioneering spirit.

Nolte Kitchens has always firmly embedded sustainability in its corporate strategy. In September 2023, Nolte Kitchens published its second sustainability report for the past fiscal year, based on the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and initial elements of the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards – ESRS for short. The report demonstrates how the company contributes positively to sustainability and responsible, resource-conserving actions with its commitment to nature, employees, and society. As the first German kitchen manufacturer, Nolte Kitchens was already both PEFC (PEFC/04-31-1567) and FSC® certified (FSC-C101628) in 2010. Shortly thereafter, the company began sourcing green electricity from renewable energies for the first time. "We do not see sustainability as a trend. For us, sustainability means treating people, the environment, and nature with respect," says CEO Heiko Maibach.

Holistic Three-Pillar Model

For the fourth time in a row, Nolte Kitchens was chosen as Germany's favorite kitchen brand. It is almost natural that the motto of the 2023 house fair is "Out of Love for…". With this emotionally charged motto, the company not only underscores its popularity among end consumers but also its aspiration to be better in terms of material, conception, technology, design, and sustainable goals. To be sustainable, one must also think holistically beyond the product. Therefore, Nolte Kitchens focuses on the three pillars of environment, social, and governance. Only if all areas are "healthy," they are also fit for the future – and thus sustainable.

Values and Orientation

Without values and a management that embodies them, there is no goal or direction. Nolte Kitchens defines itself through high quality, a good price-performance ratio, modern aesthetics, and sustainability of the product. Trust, reliability, and continuity also characterize the company and are reflected in the long-term, partnership-based cooperation with suppliers.

Satisfied Employees

Structures, rules, and processes may optimize procedures – but without healthy, satisfied people to bring them to life, they are worthless. Nolte Kitchens practices equal opportunities and has been a member of the Charter of Diversity since 2011. The company stands for solid education and training and was recently recertified as a BEST PLACE TO LEARN®.

Social Commitment

Nolte Kitchens is committed regionally, nationally, and beyond national borders. Support is provided where it is needed. Without societal well-being and growth, no company can exist in the long run. And those who do not exist cannot provide jobs and prosperity.

Environmental and Climate Protection

A prerequisite for everything is an intact environment. Even today, the company sources certified green electricity. Through environmental projects, it compensates for its CO2 emissions and is thus climate-neutral. We already obtain the majority of the wood we process from certified sustainable sources that fulfil the FSC® (FSC-C101628), PEFC™(PEFC/04-31-1567) and TSCA criteria.

Those who want to delve deeper can find more information on various sustainability areas of Nolte Kitchens at under the menu item "Company". At the bottom of the page, the Sustainability Report 2022 is also available for download.


Almost a landmark: The yellow towers on the company premises in Löhne are heating boilers, with which Nolte Kitchens covers over 98% of the heating demand.

Nolte Heating Boiler Silos


Corporate management, environment, and social issues: These are the three pillars of sustainability at Nolte Kitchens.

Our commitment to employees

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