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What does urban style living mean?

Capture the inspiration of the metropolis and infuse anurban flair into your own four walls. An old building often captivates with avery special charm that should be preserved. Additionally, it offers theopportunity to furnish in an urban style and create a unique living ambiance.How can the charm of the old building be maintained while increasingpracticality? This requires sensitivity in choosing decor and a clever approachto planning.

Urbanes Wohnen
Urban Wohnen

The Urban Style Kitchen

The Urban Style Kitchen – Center of Urban Living: A solid wood kitchen front emphasizes the character of the architecture and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. A touch of rusticity is maintained, while the absence of wall cabinets creates a modern, design-oriented look.


Urban Kitchen: Our Model Variants and Equipment Highlights.Nolte neo allows design enthusiasts to impart an impressive and stylishelegance to their kitchen, making a strong statement. The platform offers adiverse selection of design possibilities that allow customization of thekitchen according to individual preferences. From modern to classic designs,Nolte Neo offers a wide range of elements such as fixtures and countertopmaterials to achieve the desired aesthetics. The successful combination ofshapes, colors, and finishes creates a harmonious atmosphere that blendsfunctionality and style. With Nolte Neo, the kitchen becomes an expression ofrefined beauty and timeless elegance.

Urbanes Wohnen

What is Nolteneo and how does the exclusive equipment line work?



The thoughtful design concept of Nolte Kitchens extends to utility rooms as well. Here, there are numerous options for functional cabinet elements. A seemingly ordinary side cabinet reveals generous storage space and surprisingly, even a fully integrated utility room.

Everything Efficiently Sorted

Nolte Kitchens' utility rooms offer both practical benefits and versatile design options. These rooms are intelligent solutions for organizing household appliances, storing supplies, and keeping living spaces tidy. Nolte Kitchens places importance on stylish design that seamlessly fits into the overall style of the house. This turns utility rooms into functional and aesthetically appealing areas in every home.

TIP: Those who set up their utility room separate from the kitchen can cleverly conceal it behind the kitchen front. In just 5 square meters, everything is well-organized. Laundry, food storage, recycling organization... everything is possible.

Tiny Urban Wohnen
Tiny Urban Wohnen

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Nolte Kuechen Tiny - Urban style living Fullscreen

Living room in urban style

How to transform the centerpiece of your home into an urban retreat. Our product recommendations: Nolte Living! Nolte Living represents an innovative approach to designing living spaces by creatively blending the boundaries between the kitchen and living area. This unique concept opens up a new understanding of how we live, communicate, and utilize our spaces.

Boundless Connection

Nolte Living breaks down the traditional separation betweenthe kitchen and living area to create a seamless connection. This results inopen and airy spaces where the kitchen becomes not only a functional place formeal preparation but also a social hub. This integration allows residents tocook, eat, and relax simultaneously without compromising on stylish design and practicalarrangement.


Urban Furnishing - More than Furniture

Nolte LIVING creates seamless transitions between spaces,with the aesthetic design in Urban Style and ergonomic planning taking centerstage in this old building apartment. Kitchen and living room furniture mergeharmoniously to create a unified atmosphere that combines coziness andfunctionality. The Urban Style design philosophy not only opens up newpossibilities for the sense of space but also encourages interaction among theresidents.

Urbanes Wohnen
Nolte Kuechen Tiny - Urban style floor board

hallway in urban style

A seamless line of elegance that runs through your home. From the living and dining area to the hallway – experience the thoughtful design that creates a harmonious connection between the spaces. All made possible with Nolte LIVING!
Nolte Kuechen Tiny - Urban style floor 1

Tiny Urbanes Wohnen

Nolte LIVING – where functionality and aesthetics seamlessly blend to enhance and organize your entryway. Hallway furniture is more than just practical furnishings – they are an expression of your individual style and a successful first impression of your home. Tiny Urbanes Wohnen

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Nolte Kuechen Tiny - Urban style spa Header

the wellness oasis

With Nolte SPA, design-oriented individuals have the opportunity to furnish their bathroom with Nolte as well. The products impress not only with elegant design but also with functionality, high quality, and an excellent price-performance ratio. A variety of color and surface options allow all bathroom furniture to be customized according to individual taste, style, and budget, transforming the bathroom into a truly personal wellness oasis.
Tiny Urbanes Wohnen

Nolte SPA is characterized by a versatile range of bathroom furniture options that cover a wide spectrum from modern to classic design. Thanks to the use of premium materials such as wood, glass, and ceramics, our furniture embodies both elegance and durability.

Tiny Urbanes Wohnen

Nolte Kuechen Tiny - Urban style Nolte SPA 3

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Inspiration and Furnishing Ideas for Urban Living

Curious and eager for more helpful information about the details of the old building apartment in Urban Style and the used fronts, countertops, and handles? Click here for the planning example:

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