European living

Europe is characterized by the multitude of national cultures that unfold on a comparable small area. Even though the European Union as the main stabilizing power is attempting a standardization in many fields people are still cultivating their regional characteristics. Nowhere else in the world the coexistence of tradition and modern age is so obvious as in the European major cities where millennia-old relicts of ancient high cultures meet state oft the art infrastructures and contemporary architecture.

Tower 185 - Frankfurt

56 office kitchens

In this modern office complex, Nolte Küchen impressively demonstrates that we are not only the perfect partner for domestic kitchens, but that we can also customise solutions for offices with tea kitchens.

Nine Elms Point - London

605 glossy kitchen impressions

Clear outlines in a timeless, linear design enhanced, for instance, by the handleless doors. This makes the kitchen a place that radiates calm. Its high functionality combined with generous storage options is complemented by exclusive extras.

Bollin Park - Wilmslow

105 elegant kitchens

Clearly exclusive: the front in soft mat real lacquer delights with its interesting feel. The handles enhance the elegant look, while the 120 cm wide drawers offer plenty of storage space. A kitchen that is as prestigious as it is functional. The seamless transition to the living room is perfect for relaxing, while the seating options encourage gatherings.

Torre Vilana - Barcelona

60 spanish kitchen impressions

Spanish temperament meets functional design. Here the kitchen is a space where everyone gathers, and supports the traditionally high importance with which family is regarded. The elegant framed front Venta is also the perfect visual match for the modern, Mediterranean room concept. From the integrated lighting and the generous storage space to the gas hob: a kitchen concept that is full of sophisticated touches. The perfect ambience in an urban setting with southern European influences.

Midtown Apartment - Barcelona

30 kitchens as family meeting places

Nothing influences the optical impression and atmosphere of a room more than colour. Nolte Küchen‘s mat lacquer concept is ideal for creating perfectly matching worlds of colour. This means the kitchen is always integrated perfectly and harmoniously in the overall look, yet is still the expression of individuality. The open design with a transition to the living area is a gathering place with seating for every member of the family. A kitchen that  scores with lots of details and intelligent functions.

Exen - Istanbul

547 custom-fit kitchen options

Perfectly connected to the metropolitan infrastructure: in what is probably the best-known construction project on the Bosporus, apartments of between 36 and 355 m² have been fitted with Nolte Küchen. They were all fitted precisely into the variously sized apartments, with equal attention given both to functionality and looks.

Valle Lacus - Istanbul

44 traditional kitchens with a modern twist

Bygone charm with modern convenience – the country kitchen WINDSOR LACK fascinates with its traditional character. The white soft mat fronts are combined with typical country-house elements such as the cornices. Worktops in granite and wood decor create a natural appearance.

Park Village - Istanbul

144 luxurious residences

Luxurious villas have been built on a total area of 312,000 m² that consists of 86 % landscaping. The lavishly fitted kitchens are modern interpretations of traditional styles. The high-gloss front and worktop in wood decor enhance the overall idea of luxury, as do the exclusive, generously built-in electrical appliances.

Barkli - Moskau

154 functional kitchen challenges

A residential complex with adjoining sports centre of the Moscow Sports Committee was built on the outskirts of historic Ekaterininsky Park. The kitchens are sturdy and functional, and offer generous storage options on a small area. Despite that, they radiate a touch of luxury and elegance.